Thursday, February 13, 2014

Five months later...

It has been five months since I did the Advocare 24-day challenge. I still 100% recommend it.

My measurements have not changed much in the past five months, but that is completely my fault. I felt FANTASTIC after the challenge then the holidays came.  Thanksgiving was fine. I let myself cheat just a little bit for Thanksgiving dinner; otherwise, I am really proud of myself. However, the "Christmas season" arrived and brought with it all kinds of temptations. I tried to stick to my one cheat per week rule, but failed miserably. Then I got upset that I was failing so bad and gave up. Over the next three weeks I almost lost all the progress I had made.  It is SO much easier to gain weight than it is to lose it. Ugh!  Giving up physically made me feel horrible.  Sugar, dairy, carbs galore!!!  How did I survive feeling that way before the challenge?  I have no idea.  So Jan 2nd I did another 24 day challenge.  My results were not as dramatic the second time, but who cares when you end up feeling fantastic again! I am back down to where I was in September...

My problem now it's so much the food as it is my level of activity.  Why am I so lazy?  I signed up for DailyBurn and can't even bring myself to do the program with 15 minute workouts.  I am too tired to do it before work and when I get home at night I just want to eat dinner and spend time with my husband. L-A-Z-Y!

I have to get a grip though... I will be 32 this year.  My dad had his first heart attack at 42.  I am only ten years away so if I don't start now then chances are I will end up just like him.  I really don't want that... but why isn't that motivation enough?  I am stuck and just need to decide to move forward instead of analyzing it to death. I swear it's a stall tactic.

What hang ups keep you stuck?

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