Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 11: 24 Day Challenge + Weigh In!


I lost 3.2 pounds in 10 days.  Not a fantastic feat, but I am happy.  I feel great and I lost a good amount of inches. To me that is proof that the scale lies!!!  and how important it is to take measurements.
But first... before and after photos.  You may not be able to tell much of a difference, but I can!

Weight: 200.2 lbs
Chest: 42.5"
Waist: 35"
Hips: 45.5"

My results are not as dramatic as some of the people in my challenge group.  One lady lost 10 pounds in 10 days!  My coach says that I am not eating enough... She is probably right.  However, I feel like I am really building muscle and the pictures don't lie.  I can't wait until the pictures from Day 24!

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