Saturday, August 24, 2013

Weigh In: Challenge starts tomorrow!

Tomorrow (well technically today, but not 'til I wake up) I start the Advocare 24-day challenge. I have been mourning losing some of my favorite foods this week by inhaling them all week.  I should be sick of ice cream, but I'm not.  I have been eating like I am never going to be able to eat again.  My logical brain knows this isn't true, but the emotional part is freaking out.  On one hand I am really excited to jump start my weight loss and actually stick to it, but the other part of me is... again... freaking out... afraid... a bundle of emotions I am having trouble pin pointing. However, the products are too costly not to give it my all.  So... here we go...

Due to this week's binge I gained a lot of weight this week.  Yes, that says 202.8... what the hell?!?!?! This is officially the highest number I have EVER seen on the scale.  Based on my eating habits I shouldn't be surprised, but I have added cardio over the past three weeks.  I guess I was hoping it would balance out... It didn't.

Now for some photos to shame me into consistency!

I would really love to have a smooth stomach.  Being "heavy" doesn't bother me as badly as the major muffin top. Why couldn't it be smooth like a plus size model?  Thank goodness for spanks!  In the photo below you will see how disgusted I am with the rolls... Ugh!!!!

My intention is to post EVERY evening to let you know how the challenge is progressing.  I am fully expecting it to work, since there are so many success stories out there.  However, it may not. These posts will be honest reviews.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!!

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