Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day Three: 24 Day Challenge


RECAP: I woke up to freak-outs by co-workers.  Yes, there is a deadline today, but there is no reason to wake me up at 6am about it. This got me off to rough start.  It set my whole routine back. I didn't drink my spark and take the catalyst until an hour after I woke up.  I didn't even eat breakfast at all and the dreaded fiber drink became my morning snack. Yuck! I am so glad that I get a break from that stuff!

For lunch I had leftovers from last night, Stuffed Bell Peppers. Yum!

For dinner I made Pan-Seared Salmon seasoned with cinnamon and chili powder.  It was also yum! Thank you, Martha Stewart. Here is the link if you are interested! To show support, my mom is helping by cooking three days a week. I work really long days in the office on Tuesday - Friday, so I get really tempted for fast food on those days. My husband cooks on Wednesday since its his off day. I am really thankful that my mom is willing to do that! Oh, and I only mention this because I won't have recipes for those days.

After dinner my muscle spasm headache came back and my husband says I complain too much. I say that I am just stating facts, but he calls it complaining. Whatever...

I am doing the challenge with a group of 17 others.  I have been told not to weigh or measure until day 10 (Day 5 if you just can't stand it), but a guy in our group said that he lost 4.6 pounds in these three days! What?!?!

The day ended well... I got back on track, ate well, and feel pretty good (again, other than my muscle spasm headache).  I am having a lot of difficulty craving sweets after dinner. I didn't realize how mentally dependent I was (I mean am... who am I kidding?) on that treat. Okay, time to take my herbal cleanse caplets and go off to bed!

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