Friday, August 30, 2013

Day Six: 24 Day Challenge


Three things happened to me today of which I am pretty excited!

#1 - I woke up this morning and my alarm had not gone off yet. I figured it was still early and rolled over to go back to sleep. But I couldn't fall back to sleep. I realized my phone had died in the middle of the night because my charger is acting up. So I got up to check the time. I should have been up 15 minutes earlier. I did not get upset. I got happy and excited. My body woke itself up when it was supposed to!!! This has not happened in years. I have a sleep disorder that has interfered all my life but it got worse about five years ago. I am the girl who sleeps THROUGH the alarm clock not the girl that gets up without one. But not today..

#2 - My friend from whom I purchased the 24 day challenge bundle checked in on me and so did her mentor... Later today the mentor's mentor checked on me. Today I realized that Advocare is a family... A support group... A unit. Today The company earned my respect. I thought I was just buying product but so much more comes with it. Friends, a healthy lifestyle, a financial opportunity... I feel myself getting sucked in and I am pretty excited about it.

#3 - I hate Squash. Despise it. It doesn't matter how it is cooked. Gross... My mom made it for dinner despite my dislike. So I put a little on my plate. We had the 3 bite rule growing up, and you know how peope revert back around their parents. Uh yeah... Its true. Anyway, I loved it! What!?!? My taste buds must have changed in only 6 days. I am so proud of my taste buds!

All the excitement of the day wore me out... Nite!

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