Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day One: Advocare 24 Day Challenge

What is the Advocare 24 Day Challenge?
This post is going to be tad long because I need to get some explaining out of the way first... First, purchase the "kit" and optional add-ons from an Advocare distributor (here's a link to the product). The challenge has set times to take/drink certain things depending on which phase you are in. There are two phases: Cleanse and Max. Here is my schedule for the first 10 Days - The Cleanse Phase (Optional: I added a Catalyst supplement):

Upon waking: Take 3 Catalyst supplements (optional) and drink a Spark Energy Drink. Take Probiotic Restore (Days 4-10).
Breakfast: Eat within 30 minutes of waking up and drink the fiber drink (Days 1-3, 8-10).
Snacktime: Eat a snack!
30 minutes before lunch: Drink another Spark Energy Drink (if needed) and Take 3 Catalyst supplements (optional).
Lunch: Eat.
Snacktime: Eat a snack!
Dinner: Take 2 OmegaPlex (fish oil) and eat dinner.
Snacktime: Eat a snack!
Bedtime: Take the 3 Catalyst Supplements (optional) and 3 Herbal Cleanse caplets (Days 1-7) and Sleep!

Exercise: There should be some physical activity in there somewhere too.

Drink water: Be sure to drink HALF your body weight in water/liquid (I weigh 203 lbs, so I should drink 101 ounces of water daily).  I don't think this will be hard (even for me who struggles to drink 40 ounces of anything daily) because of all the "stuff" you have to take/drink. This is important to stay hydrated and flush out the bad stuff.

Diet for the first 10 days:  Protein, Vegetables and Complex Carbs. No sugar (duh!), no sodas even diet, no white flour, no processed food, no fried food.  My group has some additional no-nos just to make the experience that much better.  Avoid or minimize: Dairy, corn, wheat products, mushrooms, anything white (potatoes, rice, etc), dried or canned fruit, coffee... Basically just eat fresh fruit and vegetables with a protein and add half a cup of brown rice at dinner time.  You can do it... it's only 10 days. (I keep repeating that to myself...)

Now for my experience:

RECAP: When I first wake up it takes me a while to rouse myself into actually getting out of the bed.  Since I know this about myself then I put the Spark Energy Drink and a bottle of water beside my bed. Smart, right? Yeah, I know. Spark actually perked me up more quickly than usual which was nice. (Have I mentioned that Spark is what first turned me on to Advocare products? I can see myself drinking Spark for the rest of my life!) I did my morning ritual and now on to the "dun dun duuuh" fiber drink and breakfast.

I should have taken a picture of the fiber drink (and will tomorrow). I would say the consistency is like applesauce, but it tastes like citrus. It's not terrible, but it is definitely not good at all. One down, five more to go! I ate breakfast and off I went for the rest of my day until...

Stomach flip flops... nausea... ugh... However, I know what it was. My tummy is not used to all that fiber (nor the vitamins) and it was mad at me! After a couple of trips to the bathroom, I was feeling better.  I was told that this cleanse is not "that" type of cleanse where you live in the bathroom.  So far I agree. I do have a sensitive stomach and those are the only trips I took today (so far). Sorry for the detail, but these are things people want to know (well, not about me, but about the cleanse in general).

Off to do grocery shopping and buy all my healthy foods that fall within the parameters. I decided to go to the farmer's market to get my veggies and the grocery store for protein. I love the farmer's market. All the colors.. all the smells. I bought a lot.  A LOT! It may be too much for one week, but it may not be enough. I have no clue... I should have made a list of what I would need for the week, but I didn't and I am not used to buying so much fresh food. Then off to the grocery store. I bought ground turkey, chicken, Salmon and Swai (fish). I do know my proteins and I bought just enough for the week.

By the time I got home I realized that I forgot to eat lunch. Uh oh! and I was starting to feel poorly in general.  I know it is because I didn't eat a morning snack nor lunch and it was time for the afternoon snack. I was in a hurry and didn't have time to cook anything so I just grabbed a snack which, of course, was not enough and ran out the door. This is a BIG NO-NO! For you future challengers, do not skip meals! You will feel like poo. If you do not eat enough and feel poorly then do not blame it on the challenge because it is your fault.  It is MY fault!  I ended up having to cancel my plans tonight because I feel weak and overall puny. (Side note: I am not that sad about cancelling my plans because my friends were all meeting up at a greasy spoon where there is NO option of food for me other than a lettuce only salad. It would have just been torture!)

Dinner time... So I told you I went grocery shopping without a plan. What was I thinking?!?! It was time to cook dinner and I got so frustrated! I have a lot of ingredients, but I don't know how to make them taste good. Put that on top of not feeling well and I was one grouchy gus. Husband beware... I need to sit down tomorrow and make a meal plan (even if it means facing the dreaded grocery store once more) since I don't like terrorizing my family every night. Also, I took the Omegaplex (fish oil) with dinner. Shortly after *graphic detail coming* I burped and it tasted like citrus.  Since I haven't had anything citrus the only thing I can conclude is that they are citrus "fish burps"... at least they don't taste like fish, so we are all good.  After getting in a good meal I started feeling much better and now I am tired.

I promise the recaps for days 2 - 24 won't be this long!!!!  Thanks for hanging in there with me!

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Today was frustrating, but it is too soon to form an opinion.  If I am going to get my husband to do this, then the fiber drink needs to be better or the payoffs need to be tremendous. And, Sara, DON'T forget to eat!!!!

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