Monday, April 22, 2013

Weigh-In: Weight Gain + Gluten-Free

I LOVE EMEALS.COM.  I have been using that website since 2008. Basically it plans out your meals for you complete with a shopping list and recipes.  It makes decisions and shopping so easy (for me) and keeps variety in our meals (for my husband).  Lately, I had been using the "Clean Eating" menu, but my husband is off that kick and it wasn't tailored for my specific grocery store so I wanted to change to a plan that was tailored for Publix. I was going through the menu plans and saw "Gluten-Free".  What the heck is that? (Click here to find out.) I was curious, so I did a little research.  I learned you CAN be sensitive to Gluten without having Celiac disease!  This could be worth trying...


Last Monday (April 15th), I decided to try the Gluten-Free thing for one month to see if it helped with any of my symptoms (supposed psoriasis, fatigue, digestive problems, etc).  I have been diagnosed with various things only by ruling out others so I am not 100% confident with the diagnosis since there is no blood test to prove what I "have". (Think Gluten might be making you sick?  Go here for more information.)

I also decided since I was going Gluten-Free that I wouldn't count my calories until I was fairly comfortable choosing the right foods.   Gluten-Free is a larger undertaking then I thought.  I didn't realize how often gluten  items are used as filler even in places where you would never expect it like Cream of Chicken, Deli Meats, your Thanksgiving Turkey, Chocolate, plus more.  You really have to read all the labels and know what to look for and what to avoid.

With that said... I hit the 200 pound mark today.  I haven't been this heavy in 8 years. I have been teetering close to it 194 - 198 for months now, but hit it today.

I am not going to cry and I am not going to regret my decision of gluten-free and not counting calories. I know myself and if I would have counted calories this week then I would have deemed Gluten-Free "too hard" and I would have quit.  As of today, the "psoriasis" on my elbows is looking much better so I want to see if it is related to the gluten or if it is a fluke. So, I am going to continue with it at least until May 15th (a month).

Calories in isn't as big of a problem as Calories out.  When I do count calories I range from 1200 on really good days and 2600 on really bad days.  I probably average 1800-2000 per day which would be fine for a person my height if my activity level wasn't sedentary.  For that caloric intake to be fine I would probably need to exercise four times per week, but I don't... During the week, I walk from my bed to my desk to work and that's about it (okay, exaggerating, but you understand).   The weather here has been beautiful so I have been hiking with my husband on Saturdays, but that isn't enough activity to make up sitting on my butt the rest of the week.  Some time in May, I plan on getting a gym membership and am really excited about it!!!  I thought I would be able to get one earlier, but ended up owing on my taxes and that really screwed up the finances! Agh! Anyway, I like to do activities with other people so I am looking forward to making friends at the gym (which will get me to go more often).  Until then I need to figure out a way to move more.... I really don't want to GAIN anymore weight!

How has your journey been lately? Do you use Emeals? Do you eat Gluten-free?

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