Monday, February 4, 2013

Motivation Monday - Runs for Cookies

Runs for Cookies is a blog run by Katie who has lost over 125 pounds. Amazing, huh?  Her story in short (my summary): 

Katie wanted to teach her son how to ride a bicycle, but "was too fat to run up and down the street alongside his bike." She had to ask her sister to teach him.  She wanted to be able to teach her younger son so she started being determined to lose weight. 

Katie obviously hit her rock bottom and became determined to make a change. I thought that I hit my rock bottom when I looked at a photo and did not recognize myself or when my doctor told me that I had to lose weight (for a specific reason) or... the list goes on and on.  Those moments were motivation for me, but motivation is fleeting.  We need to find ways to continuously motivate ourselves and choose to be determined.  Here Katie talks about the difference between motivation and determination.  She has an interesting take on it. 

So... Let any moment be your rock bottom.  Allow how you feel right now to be that moment for you and choose determination! 

As Katie said --
If there is something you want, don't wait for motivation to push you through (because it won't)--find the determination inside of you and DO IT! No excuses ;)

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