Thursday, January 3, 2013

Learning Moments - Healthy Cooking

Last night I watched the movie Julie & Julia (I adore Amy Adams!).  If you haven't seen it, it is about Julie cooking all of Julia Child's recipes from the book Mastering the Art of French Cooking within a year. Well, I had an inspiration... if she can dedicate herself to a year of that cookbook then I should be able to dedicate myself to some sort of healthy cookbook (or two).  Of course, it is more appetizing for me to eat the butter laden recipes of Julia Child than some "healthy foods", but I have been told that I need to give my palette time to change. Grrr....

I already know how to cook (I am the daily cook and my husband is the chef).  It is just that the foods that I know are closer to bland versions (thanks Mom) of Julia Child's with lots of butter, oils or bad carbs.  I also have a hard time with snack food.  It is either terribly processed or raw food.  Cheez-its or carrots.  Bad for me or so boring....

I have several "healthy" cookbooks but they are all for certain purposes.  Heart-healthy or Low-fat or even Healthy food for college students.  The last cookbook should be called the "Only Slightly Healthier than your College Cafeteria Cookbook".  Plus I have noticed that healthy cookbooks often use ingredients that are difficult to find or expensive.  I have a very limited budget and a somewhat limited schedule... Most healthy cookbooks make it seem like you need unlimited funds and your own personal chef.  I could complain about this subject for hours... so I'll wrap it up. I KNOW that there must be atleast one cookbook out there that can truly teach me how to eat right without breaking my budget and taking several hours per night.

Do you have any suggestions for a healthy cookbook? (Please comment below) The book doesn't have to contain a years worth of recipes. Please note: I would prefer if it not be a "dieting" cookbook.  I have to make this a lifestyle so I really want to LOVE the foods that I cook.

I will gladly take website suggestions too.  I prefer if they are easy to follow and not overwhelming.

Thanks for any suggestions that you give!

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