Thursday, January 31, 2013

Weigh-In: Activity is obviously the key!

Today's weight - 196.4
Chest - 42.5
Waist - 35.5
Hips - 45.6

I lost a total of 1 pound this month... *wah wah wahhhh*

It is not even worth posting a monthly picture of myself because it looks just like the January picture. My measurements did not change except for .15 in my hips. 

I have been counting my calories and have been trying not to exceed 1600 calories.  I thought I was doing fairly well, but now looking back at my food journal I see that I only met my goal about half the time.  My average daily calorie intake was around 1900 for the past month.  This intake would be ehhh/okay IF I had an active lifestyle, but my days mostly consist of working in front of the computer (some days I don't even leave my house) and I have not been exercising regularly. I am ashamed to say that over the past month I only exercised six times (Yeah, major fail on the Les Mills Combat schedule).  So, my weight loss (or lack thereof) makes sense.  Here I will show you the math.

First I calculated my Basal Metabolic Rate here which was 1658 (calories burned if I slept all day).  Then I multiplied that number by 1.2 (because I am sedentary).  This equals 1990 calories burned per day.  
1990-1900 = 90 calorie deficit each day (average) x 27 days = 2430 calorie deficit for the month. 
3500 calories in a pound so 2430/3500 = .7 pounds lost

Since I did exercise those six times, that is probably why my weight loss is a pound instead of .7 lbs. If I would have stuck to the Les Mills Combat schedule (cardio kickboxing five times per week) then my weight loss would have probably been closer to 3.7 pounds.  If I would have stuck to my daily calorie goal plus fitness goal then my weight loss would have been approximately SIX pounds!  Six pounds is pretty good for someone who sits in front of the computer working all day. Just think what my weight loss could be if I got up during my 15 minute breaks and walked around the block or up and down the stairs.  Fitness experts have said that it is the small changes that will make big differences like parking further from the store, taking the stairs, etc.  I should totally start doing some of those things.

I sure hope this post motivates me to stick my goals and make better choices during February.  It is obvious that reaching my weight loss goal is going to take a while...

How did you do during the month of January?

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  1. Well my January did not go so well. I Started keeping track of my weight every two days. A reminder that I work overnights and Im on a 4 on 4 off schedule. Well, I have come to find out that my weight changes each rotation by about 5 lbs. Seems on the days I work - I actually gain. Odd, but understandable, considering I only eat once before starting work. It typically ends up being a big meal so Im full and able to work the next 12 hrs. So my body is holding onto this food because Im starving it. Ob my days off I normally eat two or three portions a day vs the one. One Area Im trying to focus on is portion control. I also decided that starting big is not the way to go for me because I tend to back out after just a few weeks- so Im easing in exercise. I own many workout programs- but I purchased Rocknbody to assist with my daily process. It easy, yet still a workout, just minor. Im a week in. They say it takes two weeks for a routine change to kick in (in the mind process). I figure in a month- I can then switch to a more difficult routine if I so choose. But I really believe the portion control is what is going to assist me in my journey. My husband and I ate a meal for two last night, and sadly I told him I was still hungry afterwards- I was happy to hear he was as well- But I drank a glass of water and moved on. Lets hope the upcoming months get better!! Brenda F.