Sunday, December 16, 2012

Who do you want to be?

"Act in ways that are compatible with the person you want to be"

I don't want to only talk about Fitness and Weight loss here.  The blog is called Heavy to Happy, but "Happy" is not contingent on losing weight.  I will post self-help topics that are not related to weight loss as well.  I can be happy at my current weight. I just don't know how yet, but the fact that I know I can means that I have come a long way. 

Who do I want to be? That is a loaded question and I will spare you all the details. I want to be a better version of me. The quote is right though.  If we act in ways that are compatible to the person we want to be then we are that much closer to being that person.  

I enjoy staying up late... I mean really late. Even though I work from home, I tell people that I work second shift. Since I do not have kids then I think working second shift as a choice is fine.  Lots of people work second shift.  However, it has recently been getting in the way of the person I want to be for various reasons.  I have a decision to make. Do I enjoy it so much that I am willing to sacrifice the other things? 

What are some ways in which you can act that will bring you closer to being the person you want to be?

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