Saturday, December 15, 2012

Love Your Body to Lose Weight... Seriously?

Yes, Seriously!

So many people have said this and I put it my memory bank but I did not understand.  How can I love my body like this?  Well, I discovered why this is actually true.  Last night my husband had to work 2nd shift, which rarely happens.  So I decided to spend some much needed time with myself.  I pampered myself (at-home spa night?) and watched Christmas Romantic Comedies. In the bathtub, it clicked.  There I was in my most vulnerable state (you know... naked) and I actually wasn't hating my body.  I just got done shaving my legs and I actually felt sorta sexy.  *Lightbulb!*  If I accept my body and love it for where it is now then I will be more inclined to make good decisions for it.  That will reward me with weight loss and loving my body even more.  When I hate my body then I unconsciously punish it. I punish it by sitting on the couch instead of choosing to work out day after day.  I punish it by overindulging.  I never really "got it" until that point.

The task of loving your body won't be easy because women are taught to hate it.  Our mothers pass down their "body issues" to us and the media tells us that we shouldn't accept ourselves.  If you say "Damn, I look good!" then you are boasting and shame on you! But that is SO wrong! Even if you don't mean it, look in the mirror right now and say "Damn, I look good!" Don't stop saying it because the day will come when you really do mean it and I will be here to say "Woo Hoo!  Way to go!"

The New Year is coming up and that means we are about to be flooded with advertisements about losing weight and trying to shame us into using there product.  Don't fall for it.  Accept yourself, love yourself, and good things will automatically follow.

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