Friday, November 30, 2012

Major Fail!!!

So... my intentions were good, but good intentions are never enough.  I started a new job shortly after starting my P90X journey.  The exercises take about 1.5 hours each day and I was so exhausted after work that I gave up.  I only lasted about 20 days. Even if I didn't have the energy for P90x I should have done something else... anything else.  During the busy season at work they bought our lunches every day.  It's hard for me to make good food choices when I am eating out which is why I don't do it very often. Anyhow, I gained six more pounds over the past four months.  I was afraid to weigh myself and have been putting it off for weeks, but this morning I decided to face the scale no matter how bad.  I expected to be over 200 lbs, but, good news, I wasn't.


It's better than I was expecting so I will take it.  Instead of saying, "I will start tomorrow"... I have started today.  I made good choices on food so far and began tracking my calories using  If any of you are on Sparkpeople then please add me as a friend - DEW180. I could use the support...

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