Friday, July 13, 2012

P90x - Day One

Just completed my first P90x workout, Chest and Back.  It is a challenging workout.  My arms feel like noodles.  I took it at my own pace and did not over do it. I was able to complete the entire workout and even did some pull ups (with the assistance of a chair).  I did lots of push ups (on my knees). So far so good...

There is no doubt about it, P90x will build and tone your muscles!  I do have one concern though... Is there enough cardio in P90x to blast away fat? Building muscle increases your metabolism, but are the muscle building exercises burning enough calories? I am in good enough shape to complete P90x, but I think adding some cardio would be too much for me right now. Plus, who has the time or energy to do an hour and 15 minutes of P90x and then go for a run?  I just don't know if this is an effective lose weight fast exercise program...

Please note: This does not change the fact that I will complete P90x!  Any activity is better than no activity!!!!

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