Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 3 P90x

I have survived.  My upper body is still very sore from Day One, but I made it through Shoulders and Biceps  today.  Just doing it everyday is good enough for me.  It doesn't have to be perfect and I sure as heck do not have to use as much weight as they do on the video.  Some activity is better than no activity.  However, the activity I am doing I paying off.  The mild soreness is a reminder that I am doing what is best for my body.  Even though it is technically pain, it is a good sore.  Yay for soreness!


  1. Hey I found your blog thru other reviews of P90X. I am starting today, am curious to see how others are doing! Keep posting! :)

  2. Thanks for posting! I am really enjoying P90X! How is your journey going so far?