Saturday, July 14, 2012

Affirmations to help you lose weight!

If you have never heard of Carol Tuttle or Dressing Your Truth then you are missing out!  She teaches people (yes, men too) how to live their truth.  By living true to who you really are then everything falls into place.  Sounds too good to be true, right?  Well, it's not.  Carol teaches to honor who you really are and honor the people around you for who they are.  I am not saying it is easy, but I have been following her for the past year and it has changed my life.  Remember I told you in my post "My beginnings" that I am finally comfortable with myself.  I believe that, other than age, Carol Tuttle has a lot to do with it.  My changes have been gradual and I still have a lot of work left to do.  

Have you ever heard the phrase "The Power of Positive Thinking!"?  Well, that is basically what affirmations are.  You give "power" to the thoughts that you think.  If you are constantly putting yourself down then you will always think that you are not good enough.  "I hate my stomach." "I am so fat." "I wish I looked like her."  I could go on for hours.... 

Here are some of my favorite affirmations.  I am going to start saying them to myself on a more regular basis and ESPECIALLY after I say something negative about myself.  Counter the negative with a positive. 

  • I love myself, I love my body, and fat just disappears.
  • I look nice; I am active; I am enough; and I count.
  • I enjoy exercising several times a week.
  • I can say “No.”
  • My body’s natural state is to be lean.
  • I am fulfilled.
  • Food is a resource I manage wisely.
  • My metabolism works great.
  • My body knows what to do with what I give it.
  • I am patient with my body as it learns new habits.

Carol goes into more detail about affirmations and the best way to do them.  
Even if you think her methods are a little out there, what does it hurt to try?  You might change your mind. To read the full story and more affirmations go to Carol's Blog at

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